Brayroan Cocker Spaniels has been established since 2010. 


Dogs Australia (ANKC) Registered Breeder & Exhibitor of Quality Solid (Black, Gold & Black and Tan) and occasional Parti (Blue &

Orange Roan) Cocker Spaniels. Raised in a loving family environment with only the best intentions & breeding for a purpose i.e. to

Improve the Breed.


I have been successfully exhibiting since 2010. 

As a retired Veterinary Nurse and a current Accredited Orivet DNA Collector, I am passionate about the health and well being of our breed. We breed our English Cocker Spaniels for health, type, temperament, soundness & quality. We breed solids & the occasional parti-colour. 

Carefully bred puppies from English, Australian & US lines are available from time to time as we only breed a litter occasionally for our own interest.

My dogs and puppies are all house reared, no kennels. Well socialised with family, indoor & outdoor noises and other pets. 

DNA tested clear or clear by parentage -

  • Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (prcd)-(PRA)
  • Familial Nephropathy (FN)
  • Autosomal Hereditary Recessive Nephropathy (AHRN)
  • Exercise Induced Collapse (Retriever Type) (EIC)
  • Phosphofructokinase Deficiency (Spaniel Type) (PKFD)
  • Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia (BHFD)
  • Acral Mutilation Syndrome (SPANIEL & POINTER TYPE) (AMS)
  • Bernard-Soulier Syndrome (Cocker Spaniel Type) (BSS)
  • Adult Onset Neuropathy (AON)


Dogs Australia: Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database – (ORCHID)

Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (CHED)  

  • DAMS and SIRES - Hip and Elbow Scored

Dogs Australia: Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database – (ORCHID)

Australian Canine Eye Scheme - ACES EYE CERTIFICATION – (Physical Eye Test)

  • Goniodysgenesis (G) Unaffected
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Unaffected


Member of Dogs QLD, Cocker Spaniel Club of QLD, Cocker Spaniel Club of SA & The Cocker Spaniel Society NSW.

I am located in Deception Bay, (North Brisbane) Queensland. Please contact me in regards to any questions, puppy enquiries or matings.


Julie Newbold.

Dogs QLD Member - 4100145145
Please contact Dogs QLD on email: [email protected] to verify my membership.

Breeder Supply Number : 4100145145

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Deception Bay, QLD, Australia
Phone : +61412788524
Email : [email protected]

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